We grow our business from the inside out.

ace training and benefits


Training and Development

Our approach to growing our organization is to invest in our greatest asset – our employees. We offer both on-site and external training. The growth of our employees is what allows us to better serve our customers.


We hire people who are a good fit with our core values and beliefs and culture. We want our work environment to be Best in Class.


Composite repair and manufacturing are new concepts to many people when they join our team. There is no better way to learn our products and processes than by rolling up your sleeves and working with the materials yourself. This “hands on” approach helps you learn both visually and experientially.


This style of training works well in our welcoming and helpful culture. All of us were new at some point! You’ll find your fellow employees are always willing to help you learn new things.


We take an individualized approach to your training and development. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to realize your full potential in your career at ACE.


Employee Benefits 

We firmly believe that the best benefit ACE offers is an outstanding team of people for you to work, laugh, and grow with.


We understand that other, more tangible, benefits are important to you and your family. We genuinely care about your personal well-being.


Our benefit package includes


After 90 days:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Disability, and Life Insurance
  • Paid Holidays
  • Educational Assistance
  • 40 Hours of Personal Time Off
  • Eligible for 401k at next open enrollment date – fully vested immediately


After 1 year:

  • 3 weeks of Paid Time Off that grows annually up to five weeks off


Additional Benefits:

  • Continuous in-house training and development
  • Work/life balance
  • Dependable work hours
  • Company and community events