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Applied Composites Engineering has built its business around being a versatile parts repair service that can seamlessly integrate into your aircraft maintenance operation. We are an FAA-certified, Part 145 repair station. When you work with us, we can engineer and rebuild severely damaged parts, repair minor scrapes and wear, and even fabricate custom modifications to parts per your request. We can help provide a good working schedule for your repair needs, and keep an inventory of custom molds, jigs and tools on site, ready for your next order.

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How many parts and repairs can we service? Thousands, for a start. To find out whether we are already authorized to handle your repair, search our database.


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Certifications and quality control

When you bring your project to ACE, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we have the training, equipment, and certifications to do the job. Our most seasoned authorized technicians inspect and document any damage or wear that is compromising your aircraft. The inspection report they generate creates our timely quotes, and also serves as the basis of the repair process, which is handled end to end through our enhanced ERP system.

Search our repair capabilities

To find out whether we are already certified to handle your repair, search our repair capabilities database.