Technical excellence and superior follow-up, every step of the way

You have a big investment in your aircraft. Why, then, should you deal with anything less than technically literate people handling your account? At Applied Composites Engineering, we invest so you can have the best account service in the industry. Pick up the phone to call us, and the person on the other end has the technical expertise to understand your business. Our technical director monitors every account to ensure they have a sound manufacturing plan, an achievable schedule, and parts that are delivered as expected – Right and on Time.

We speak your language. Understand your specifications. Answer your questions with authority. Our end-to-end ERP system means that the minute your job enters the shop, its repair plan is entered and tracked as it moves through the system. The system schedules resources, integrates MRP and tracks your part as it goes through the shop.


All our staff can track your product through the process of repair, and we keep you updated every step of the way. Our service staff knows how to ask the right questions, work seamlessly with the repair shop floor techs, make modifications to fit your specifications, and create a schedule that brings your job in on time and on budget.

Our ERP business system

Our ERP system is the secret to our success, as it brings together all the information about your job in one place, including:


  • Accounting
  • Material requirements planning
  • Human resources and training
  • Inventory
  • Floor data acquisition
  • Engineering configuration control
  • Quoting
  • Methods of manufacture, including bills of materials and operations
  • Shelf life and out time life of materials
  • Quality control
  • ACE utlizes Preactor, which is directly linked to our Epicor ERP system for end-to-end scheduling of personnel, equipment and materials for the best in class on-time delivery.

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