Where OEM meets MRO

Sure, other companies may be able to handle your simple repairs. But do they have the capability to rebuild a severely damaged part nearly from scratch? Do they have the engineers to make sure it maintains its tolerances and meets FAA specifications? Can they replicate with precision the plys used in the original?

One of the benefits of working with a company like ACE is the ability of our MRO operation to collaborate freely with our OEM engineers. As a result, we can reverse engineer and rebuild nearly any aircraft frame composite or metal part, no matter how bad its level of damage, even if no original designs are available. It is the reason why ACE has earned the FAA PMA, which combines design and production approval for replacement articles.


ACE has reverse engineering, composite structural design, FEA and material testing capabilities that allow us, with limited OEM data, to create models, drawings, BOMs methods of manufacture, and more. PMA is an attractive option when OEM replacement articles are too costly or simply unavailable. We can reverse engineer an existing article to create a solid model, make the required master/mold tools required, and produce and test the part. ACE Engineering collaborates with a diverse group of DERs, each with a specific discipline on the airframe or power plant.


And our expertise goes beyond just the basic repair. If you would like to make a modification to the part we are repairing, such as adding an extra access door or vent for later maintenance access, we can design and manufacture that FAA-approved modification, too.


Just give our service department a call, and let us start collaborating, today.

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