Dedication to your project’s foundations

Good tooling is the foundation for a quality part. That’s why, for more than 30 years, Applied Composites Engineering has dedicated ourselves to providing the best tooling and processes for the advanced composites industry.

We pride ourselves in taking on the tough jobs, offering our customers some of the most complex molding configurations and producing dimensionally accurate, high-quality laminates. We can create tooling in a variety of materials, from carbon and glass, to wood, to steel and aluminum, to a wide variety of urethane tooling boards and foams.

We continue to invest in the latest computerized, 3D equipment so we can improve quality, lower costs, and reduce time from purchase order to delivery.

Whether you need a prototype/proof of concept or a manufacture for a replacement part, our highly skilled staff can produce the precision tools that create precision parts.

Tooling capabilities

Proprietary Masters

  • Epoxy and urethane tooling board
  • Aluminum
  • Wood


Bond Tooling

  • Carbon and glass LTM/3M/Cytec
  • Carbon and glass wet laid
  • Aluminum
  • Direct cut epoxy tooling board
  • Carbon and glass bismalemide (BMI)
  • Carbon and glass benzoxazine (BOX)

Assembly Fixtures

  • Direct cut urethane tooling board
  • Aluminum
  • Steel


Gauging and Inspection Fixtures

  • Direct cut urethane tooling board
  • Aluminum
  • Steel


CNC Fixture/chucks

  • Direct cut urethane tooling board
  • Direct cut urethane high density foam
  • Wet laid glass epoxy

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