Where rigorous assurance begins

At ACE, we don’t just hand you an AutoCAD drawing, schedule, and a quote and then call it a “plan.” We are AS9100 certified, and that certification drives our processes from beginning to end.

We start by performing an audit of your manufacturing needs. When is the part needed? What materials are needed to manufacture this part to specifications? How long will it take to get the raw materials to our shop? How long will it take for us to create and approve a design template? What tools, jigs, and molds are needed? Will our design meet the FAA’s tolerances for performance when it is manufactured? When you come to ACE for your manufacturing or prototyping job, we take all these things into account before your job begins.

End-to-end ERP system

When your job quote and design is approved, the manufacturing process can begin in earnest. Our ERP system, which already has stored the preparatory work done on the job, will now manage the manufacturing process from end to end. Our proprietary Preactor system is directly linked to our Epicor ERP system for scheduling of personnel, equipment, and materials for best in class and on-time delivery.


Our ERP system puts everything about the job in one place, and viewable by the job’s manufacturing and service team, including:


  • Accounting
  • Material requirements planning
  • Human resources and training
  • Inventory
  • Floor data acquisition
  • Engineering configuration control
  • Quoting
  • Methods of manufacture, including bills of material and operations
  • Shelf life and out time life of materials
  • Quality control


When your part is produced, we have extensive testing facilities to ensure it meets all tolerances and requirements for FAA certification. When you come to ACE, our planning process is a critical part of why our products come out “right and on time.”

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