The tools to get perfect ply placement, every time

Precision is everything in aerospace. When you are working in tolerances of less than one thousandth of an inch, you can’t afford to cut corners. Your parts have to match seamlessly and assemble. At ACE, perfection in your laminations is not optional. After all, “composites” is our middle name.

Augmented reality lamination systems

Augmented reality ply lay up equipment - Plymatch


ACE is the only aircraft composites facility of our type in North America to invest in augmented reality lamination systems.


Augmented reality lamination systems allow us to produce a perfect ply placement every time and dramatically decrease time-to-first-article delivery. Best of all, we can work in many different types of ply materials, from carbon fiber to Kevlar to fiberglass and more.

Our augmented reality system, called Plymatch, works by combining input from our laser projectors, a smart digital camera taking live video of the tool, and guidance from the coordinate measuring machine. The smart digital camera acquires a live video image of a tool, while its position and direction in space are specified by a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Both data are continuously fed into a computer, which then generates an image of the fabric ply to be stacked next in sequence, matching what is seen through the camera. The computer-generated meshed image, including seed point and orientation, is superimposed onto the live video image from the camera, giving a virtual-reality compound picture, or “augmented reality.”


Laminating equipment

Our laminating facility consists of a wide array of equipment, including:

  • Gerber Composites Cutter 20’
  • Traveling Head steel rule cutting press 60”x 25”
  • 5000 square foot Clean Room
  • Laser Projectors (Assembly Guidance)
  • Over 1000 square feet of 0°F freezer storage
  • Three Anaglyph augmented laminate assist (PlyMatch) systems, with assembly guidance laser projectors, located in our CCA clean room

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