Your specifications, with precision

At Applied Composites Engineering, quality control isn’t something we do at the end of our manufacturing process. It is our process. From your RFQ to the finished product, our end-to­end ERP system drives all our processes.

We start with your RFQ. Our engineers and manufacturing teams ensure all the parts you specify meet your specifications, and can be manufactured within our quality tracking system.


Our ERP system is integrally tied with AS9100 standards, which are programmed into our on-floor, computer-controlled manufacturing equipment. As your part is produced, we are continuously tracking data in our system, comparing the quality specifications you have set against the item being produced. All production data is electronically collected from the floor in real time – including labor hours, materials used and process parameters. This kind of tracking produces not just precise products, but precise reporting, too. The reports we generate ensure we meet our certifications from AS9100 and Nadcap.


When it is time to test your product, we have just the capabilities you need, both in house, and through partners. ACE can conduct dozens of destructive tests, completely in house. Located next door to our facility, our partner Talon Labs handles all our non-destructive testing such as A and C scans.

Our quality control equipment


  • CMM, DEA Ghibli, 0.0007” volumetric accuracy. 9’x5’x4′ envelope
  • Romer Arm, 12’ Diam capacity 0.0017′′ accuracy. (Reverse Engineering capability)
  • BEMCO Environment Chamber (humidity 5-95% and temperature to 350°F)
  • TG by Thermal Mechanical Analyzer (TMA) – Seiko/Perk in Elmer
  • TG by Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) – TA Instruments
  • Shimadzu Universal Test Machine up to 550°F testing
  • ½ Ton, 600°F Lab Press
  • Precision Balance .00001 g
  • Muffle Furnace to 2,300°F
  • Lab Oven to 600°F
  • Specimen preparation equipment
  • RTCA Compliant /FAA Approved Anechoic Chamber
  • CMM 9’x4’x5’ 0.0007” volumetric accuracy
  • Portable CMM 11.5′ envelope, +/- 0.0017′′ accuracy –Romer 7 axis
  • Tg by TMA
  • Tg by DSC
  • Sub micron lab scales
  • Shimadzu Universal Test Machine – 50 kN
  • Lab Furnace to 3000°F
  • Fume booth for acid method of resin content
  • PC DMIS Dimension Analysis software


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