Molding a more precise product

Applied Composites Engineering provides our clients with the most comprehensive composite manufacturing quality control accreditation available for special processes. It’s a designation that’s especially apparent in our curing department, where our size selection of autoclaves and superior processes mean we can take on the big jobs, while still maintaining the industry’s highest quality standards.

Capital improvements to expand our curing capabilities include a 10’ x 24’ autoclave allowing us to cure larger pieces at high temperatures and pressures. And, with our 80-ton platen press, we can form parts large and small with precision.


Curing capabilities and equipment

At ACE, we are committed to being nimble enough to work on a cutting-edge variety of composites and metals using equipment that includes:


  • 4 Autoclaves to 6.5 Ø x 20’ 400°F, 100PSI
  • 3 Ovens to 16’ X 8’ X 6’ @ 400°F
  • Platen Press 80 ton 38”x 30”x 21” daylight

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