Beyond single components

Some facilities can do a fine job of making one part. But do they have the engineering expertise to recreate an entire assembly?

At ACE, we have built our business model around handling the tough jobs. Our engineers know how to design one component or an entire assembly. Our manufacturing assembly staff boasts nearly 250 years of combined aircraft experience to meet the scrutiny of A9100 certifications, among others. When you bring your job to ACE, you can be certain your project will be assembled to spec, with precision, and fully vetted and tested.



With the nimble set up of our assembly manufacturing process, we can get your job done with faster TATs than you might expect.

Assembly capabilities

Do you need to replace an entire assembly, like a vent or a door, and you don’t have the original OEM drawings? We’ll reverse engineer it, make sure it meets FAA requirements, and work it into the manufacturing plan. Once it gets to the floor, your part will be handled by experienced mechanics and technicians who know how to create tools and expert laminations, and produce part assemblies with rigorous assurance. When we’re finished, you will have not only the part you need, but also all the fixtures, fasteners, and surrounding materials required to finish your project. And we’ll save your molds, tools, and jigs to make sure they are ready for your request the next time.


The same process works when you want to make modifications to an existing part, like adding an extra access panel for future repair work. We can help reverse engineer that modification, so that your new part looks like it was always part of the original design.


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