Excellence in advanced composite materials manufacturing

Our dedicated team of engineers, designers and technicians allow Applied Composites Engineering to efficiently and effectively create your products from concept to finished product. Constant investments in research and development, equipment and personnel continue to bring ACE to the forefront of aerospace composites manufacturing – and it is all tied together with an end-to-end ERP system that ensures everything we make meets your specifications.


Rigorous assurance begins with a planning process that includes a contract review, as well as strict attention to materials, engineering, and manufacturing methods.



Whether you need tooling for a prototype/proof of concept or long-term production quantities, our highly skilled staff can design the appropriate solution for your needs.


Our augmented reality lamination systems allow us to produce perfect ply placement, every time, with computerized 3-D templates.


Our curing operation combines the benefits of rigorous quality control and top-of-the-line equipment including four autoclaves.

CNC Trim

Our full selection of CNC machining centers and lathes can master everything from exotic alloys to composite laminates, Kevlar, and honeycomb machining.


You can be assured that only the most experienced mechanics and technicians are assembling your product, with accurate tolerances and precision placement.


Our expert staff takes great pride in creating a paint operation that’s up to specification, with the ability to handle special coatings and primers, too.

Quality Control

At ACE, quality control isn’t something we do at the end of our process. It is part of our culture and procedures from start to finish.

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